Tarpon Season

Tarpon fishing is one of the most exciting Sport fishing fish you can target. Lots of people wait for that time of year where Tarpon are chewing and have pre-bookings a year in advance just for a shot a at the Silver King. Every Tarpon hookup is different there is not one in the same. They fight hard, they jump everywhere and they are just an overall great fish to target. They will test your skills as an angler.

Tarpon are known to be name the Silver King, the battle is between fish and human and usually the fish wins! You can catch Tarpon anywhere along the coast of Florida but the number 1 place to target Tarpon is Boca Grande. Tarpon roll and jump everywhere in the Boca Grande Pass although it is not easy to land your fish at the Boca Grande Pass, you sure will enjoy the fight when you do hook up. Most times its about the hook up and the fight with a Tarpon that excites people.

Tarpon are known to break your line on their jump that is why you should bow to the Silver King the moment they are in the air. You must have a strong main line and an even stronger leader to fight and to have a change to land a big Tarpon that weighs anywhere between 100-200 pounds in the Boca Grande Pass. Getting the bite is only half the battle and a lot has to happen before you get to land the fish.

With enough skill and little luck you too can have a chance to battle the SILVER KING!

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