Red Grouper Opens January 1, 2024 – Book a Fishing Charter

Finally the long wait is over and Red Grouper opens back up January 1, 2024. Seems like the Gulf Council is pretty firm with closing these species down ever year now. However, 2023 was a hard one for us charter captains. The Gulf Council ended up closing Red Grouper in July 2023, that’s almost 6 months that we all could not catch and keep these species. Every year the Gulf Council says we are over fishing Red Grouper when in all reality they are everywhere! The Council has no clue what they are doing nor do they have correct information but of course we need to obey the laws.

Now for the kicker, there has been word around charter captains that we will only have a short Red Grouper season again but this time even shorter! There is word that Red Grouper will be closing around April 2024. Why you might ask? well it has been mentioned by the Gulf Council that we yet again went over our catch limit. How? How do they know that we have went over our catch limit? THEY DON’T! Recreation anglers do no report any catches and us charter captain do not report our catches any longer after we won the lawsuit. Therefore, how are they getting these numbers?

The Gulf Council is only hurting the Fishing Charter Business in the whole Gulf of Mexico. What more can we do to open the Councils brains? we attend meetings, we right comments but they don’t listen!

Just beware that you are limited in the Red Grouper Season. Get out there Book a Charter aboard Angling with Adria Charters and lets go catch these species before they close!

For more information about closures:

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