Red Grouper Closes 2022

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Here we go again Gulf of Mexico! Red Grouper Closes 2022 for another 4 months again on 12:01am August 30th. Last year in 2021 NOAA announced Red Grouper closing which I have never heard of Red Groupers closing prior to 2021. Of course us Charter Captains all took a little hit on our business for this. NOAA announced that Red Groupers are over fished which in my opinion is non-sense. We catch Red Groupers all the time from big to small, trust me there is plenty. However, Now we just have to take another hit in 2022 and advise all our clients that Red Grouper is Catch and Release only. Of course there is still plenty of fish out there to target from Lane Snappers, Mangrove Snappers, Yellowtail Snappers, Vermillion Snapper, Porgies, Key West Grunts, Scamp Groupers, Blackfin Tuna, African Pompano, Florida Pompano, Cobias also Gag Grouper and they are opened until December 31st, 2022 and thats just to name a few we are likely to catch. 

Angling with Adria Fishing Charters Venice, FL can target a bunch more species that are still opened. Here is a couple pics of what is expected to catch for the rest of the year:


Now that the summer is near over, Fall Season will be a great one for catching fish. The water temperature gets cooler which means fish move in closer inland. Sharks will start to settle down and not be as aggressive when reeling up fish. Another species to look forward to is Tripletail Fish. In October Commercial Carb traps get deployed offshore and Tripletail start to live around those crab trap buoys which allow us to target them from October through early May. As the weather gets warmer the Tripletail move offshore.

Even though Red Grouper is closing we still have so much more species to target and catch for a great meal. All we could do is follow the rules and have fun fishing. 

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