My name is Captain Adria Gutierrez. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida where I grew my passion for the water and fishing. My parents would take us to fishing piers, bank fishing, and boat fishing. I grew up just holding a rod and reel not knowing any of its functions just that I knew I was reeling up fish. The majority of my life was fishing at least a couple of times a month.
Angling With Adria Fishing Charters

Angling With Adria Offshore Fishing Charter Venice, Florida, Mexico & (USA)

Throughout the years almost every weekend, I was going to the Keys in Florida and fishing. We fast forward a few more years later to find out not only did I gain a passion for fishing but I was so interested in learning more too finally enjoying and loving going to Bass Pro Shops. I then went on to create my own YouTube Fishing Channel as the passion grew.
From Kayaks to little boats to a Boston Whaler where there I learned how to drive a boat and learn the sonar machine and GPR’S system. I learned so much about inshore fishing I decided to sell that boat as I was ready to take offshore fishing and got a nice Grady White vessel.
I loved it so much that in the year 2020 I started my career as a Licensed United States Coast Guard Captain. Ever since I have been running offshore fishing trips, day boat tours, dolphin tours, eco-tours, and sunset cruises. As far as my YouTube Fishing Channel I am still growing it and you will find different species I catch and different fishing techniques. Join my YouTube journey as I teach you how to catch fish how to clean fish and how to cook fish.

Please subscribe to my YouTube Fishing Channel and grow with me. Thank you for reading my first blog and stay tuned for more information on how to catch fish. Catch you guys later